Monthly Archives: May 2012

Great turn out at our May Meet & Eat event!


It was great to see everyone at the May “Meet & Eat” event at Regent Park Cafe. We made plans for a canoe trip down the Catawba River on June 16th. We also voted to see samples of two shirts with the crew logo on them at the next meeting to decide which would be the official uniform shirt.

May “Meet & Eat” at Regent Park Cafe on May 16th

Bring your money and bring your like-minded friends and meet us at 5:45pm on May 16th at the Regent Park Cafe in Fort Mill (on Hwy 21 across from the former BLOOM grocery store and in the same building as the DMV office in Fort Mill) for the May installment of our monthly “Meet & Eat” meeting.  It is a dutch treat event, so bring enough money to pay for your meal with a little left over for a tip for the great staff there.

We’ll eat good food and discuss future plans for the crew’s members.  Current talk is of a canoe trip down the Catawba River and tubing on the Green River in the NC Mountains.

We’re always looking for new members, so bring your friends that are 14 to 21 that might be interested in learning more about the crew and possibly joining up.

No Regular Crew Meeting Tonight – We Are Helping Park Cars At The Dairy Barn For Strawberry Festival

Photo of parking signDon’t forget, we’ll be meeting at the Dairy Barn at the ASC Greenway to park cars for an event there that is part of the Strawberry Festival.  Park your car in the parking lot that is beyond the dairy barn itself and walk back up to the field where we will be parking cars.

We’re meeting at 6:15 and should be done around 7:30’ish.  Bring money if you’d like to go out and grab a bite with other members afterward.